Texys 7 CHANNEL MB Flex IR Tire temp sensor

Kit includes:

1x Master Sensor
7x Slave Sensors
1x CAN Bus Strip

After the success of the Texense IRN-RC flexible strip IR tire temp sensor, Texys have produced a new fully customizable, multi-head IR tire temp sensor, the Texense MB-Flex. Based on the same principal as the IRN-RC IR tire temp sensor, you can now fully adjust the position of each sensor and also the number. This gives users the freedom to tailor the sensor for specific applications and confined space installations. Perfect for closed wheel cars such as WEC, WRC, GT3 and motorcycles. Furthermore, its flexibility allows measurement of the surface and bead temperature at the same time. For more information, please contact one of our team members to discuss your requirements.

Range -20 to +85°C
Measurement 7 channels
Supply voltage 6 to 16 V
Output CAN bus 2.0A


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