Texys THNF CAN Thermocouple Amp - PRO

The THNF is an evolution of our renown THN. This new sensor provides a faster sampling frequency, now 1KHz when our standard THN does 5Hz.

This thermocouple amplifier provides a CAN output for all temperature measurements.

The K type is the most common but we can provide other types such as J, T, R..Highly compact, it allows the user to simplify wiring by notably eliminating the need for compensation cable. Its size also allows easy integration.

Our built-in electronics control the compensation of the cold weld as well as the linearization, making the unit a reliable and precise tool for all your thermocouple type temperature measurements.

This patented product is widely used by vehicle and equipment manufacturers in their test trials.

Ranges From -200 to +1800°C
Supply voltage 6 to 25V
Supply current < 25mA
Output CAN 2.0A
Dimensions 38.8x18.7x10mm

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