The THNFx4-C is the latest release from Texys, combing 4x THNF amplifiers into one housing with a CAN output and fast 250 Hz per channel sampling frequency.

As per the single version, any type of junction is available, K, J, T… as well as different temperature ranges.

The CAN parameters are user configurable for baudrate, emission frequency, ID, °C/°F.

The product is designed with dimensions 92.7 x 16 x 22 mm and like most sensors in the Texys range they operate on a 5 to 16V supply voltage.

The new THNFx4-C is a logical step of our expertise in thermocouple temperature measurement.

This product is widely used by vehicle and equipment manufacturers in their test trials

Range -100 to +1800°C
Supply voltage 6 to 25 V
Supply current 25 mA
Dimensions 92.7 x 16 x 22 mm
Output CAN 2.0 A

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