Texys 16xPDIF-R - PRO

The 16xPDIF-R sensor is the perfect tool for all aerodynamic developments. Packaged with a radial output manifold the 16xPDIF-R is the ideal solution for confined space applications.

Utilizing the same technology as the 8-channel PDIF, the 16xPDIF-R sensor is available in pressure ranges from +/-50 to +/-1000mBar (+/-0.7 to +/-15 psi), accuracy at +/-0.5% FS, offset drift +/-0.5% FS, CAN output.

The unit is available with either one or two reference ports (changeable via separate manifold options). This provides users the option to have 16-differential channels, or 2 x 8-differential channel configurations. Tubes are based on standard Scanivalve interface (TUBN-040-055) and are mounted in a radial formation.

The sensor can be powered via a 6 to 16 V excitation, with an operating temperature of +5 to +85°C, measuring a compact size of 100 x 28 x 24 mm makes it ideal for harsh environments and mapping airflow via aero rake installations.



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