MoTeC M1 Development Package V1.3 (M170/M190/M182)


An M1 Development ECU is the same as any other M1 ECU, other than it has been loaded with an M1 Development Package Licence. One of these ECU's must be purchased for a developer to be able to build a package and test it. The M1 Development Package Licence prepares the M1 ECU to accept packages which have a correlating M1 Build Package Licence. For most users, the M1 Build Package Licence will be purchased, at the same time as an M1 Development ECU, and as such, all of the licences will match at the time of purchase.

One M1 Build Package Licence can be used to write firmware for many M1 Development ECU's. Therefore, when a developer purchases additional M1 Development ECU's, they will each get an M1 Development Package Licence which correlates with the developers M1 Build Package Licence. M1 Development ECU's can be used for in-house development, or sold as to as tailored ECUs to customers.

Using this model, a developer could buy additional M1 Development ECU's and sell them to customers. The developer could then write a package's for the customer and push the new code into customers ECU at any time.

If the end customer wanted to do their own development, then they would need their own M1 Build Package Licence, and M1 Development ECU.

M1 Development ECU's can be re-licensed at any time at no cost from one M1 Development Package Licence to another. This allows M1 Development ECU customers to move their firmware development around between different developers when required.

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