MoTeC M1 GPR Diesel Package

MoTeC's M1 GPR Diesel Package is a versatile and adaptable platform for the operation of diesel fuelled engines.This Package has been designed for direct injection, common rail, turbo diesel engines, but can also be used for naturally aspirated diesel applications. Many features from MoTeC's petrol GPR Packages have been reproduced in this Package, providing a familiar feel for current GPR users.

Included are many ancillary features commonly found on race cars, such as launch control, traction control, driver switches (e.g. pit switch, launch enable, boost trim), gearbox control, intercooler sprays, transmission pump, differential pump and coolant pump. Also accommodated are many systems found on modified road vehicles, such as air conditioning.

The Package fully integrates with other MoTeC products, and provides pre-defined CAN messaging for all current MoTeC Dash Loggers, E888, V2 , GPS, PDM and SLM. A Vector database (.dbc) file is also available upon request.

Tuning an M1 GPR Diesel ECU is vastly different to previous MoTeC M1 ECU products. We recommend watching the webinars prior to using this system.


To load the Package onto an M1 ECU, MoTeC's M1 GPR Diesel Licence (part number 23189) is required.


This Package is available for use with MoTeC's direct injection ECUs: M141 and M142. A Package variant for M130 and M150 ECUs is also available and is used in conjunction with an injector drive box fitted to some vehicles (e.g. Toyota Hilux).
The key difference between MoTeC's M141 and M142 ECUs is the maximum available Boost Voltage and Peak/Hold Currents for direct injector operation. Accordingly, the injector supply requirements of any engine must be considered when choosing an M1 ECU.


Max Boost Voltage

Max Peak Current

Max Hold Current











Adaptor kits for common diesel vehicles will be available soon. These adaptor kits connect the vehicle’s original engine harness directly to the M1 without needing to modify the existing OE wiring.

The following sensors are required to run a diesel engine with this GPR Diesel Package:

  • Coolant Temperature Sensor
  • Fuel Pressure Direct Sensor (Common Rail)
  • Mass Airflow Sensor or Inlet Manifold Pressure Sensor and Inlet Air Temperature Sensor (all 3 preferred)
  • Throttle Pedal Sensor
  • Engine Speed Reference Sensor
  • Engine Synchronisation Sensor (Camshaft Position)

For optimal performance the following sensors are recommended for use with the GPR Diesel Package:

  • Exhaust Temperature Sensor
  • Boost Pressure Sensor
  • Fuel Temperature Sensor
  • Ambient Pressure Sensor

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