MoTeC M1 GPR Rotary Drag Package

Based on MoTeC's GPR Rotary Package, the GPR Rotary Drag Package is a versatile tuning platform that has been developed for drag racing applications using rotary engines.

This single product can be configured over a huge range of rotary engine configurations, from controlling a simple, naturally aspirated 13B to a multi-throttle, boosted quad rotor with three injectors per rotor.

Included in GPR Rotary Drag are numerous ancillary features common to race cars, such as:
• Anti-lag
• Driver switches (e.g. pit switch, launch enable and boost limit)
• Gearbox control
• Knock control
• Intercooler sprays
• Launch control
• Gearbox coolant pumps
• Traction control
Key features for drag racing include:
• Time based trims and compensations
• Improved large turbo boost building for launch
• Traction control for vehicles with torque converters
• "Two Step" Launch
• Individual cylinder exhaust temperature fuel trim
• Suspension position with 1000Hz logging capability

Also accommodated are many systems found on modified road vehicles, such as air conditioning.
The product fully integrates with other MoTeC products, and provides pre-defined CAN messaging for all current Displays, Loggers, Video Capture Systems, PDMs, E888, GPS, ADR, BR2, and SLM. A Vector database (.dbc) file is available on request.

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