Texys 8 channel IR Tire Temp - lens 0

The Texense 8 channel infrared sensor is dedicated to Tyre Temperature Monitoring.

That product was developed first for Formula1 application.

It allows to measure a line of 8 spots on a tyre width and therefore if installed at the correct distance will give the surface tyre temperature distribution.

The Texense IRN8, combining perfect accuracy at 200°C (± 1%FS) and good temperature compensation, is the ideal solution to measure surface tire temperature on the whole width in most severe conditions.

The quality of design, dimensions (31 x 11 x 17 mm) and weight with cable (only 15g) offer to the customer an easy installation. In addition to its compact size, the mounting distance between 200 and 700 mm could give a reading of total width between 152 and 532 mm in 260 milliseconds at 200°C.

This configuration means that the Texense IRN8 is the mix of technology and usability.
On the side of innovation, the Texense infrared have evolved during the time for supply now a protection lens on the 8 channels infrared. The results are long life and reliable data.

The Texense IRN8 is available on -20 to + 200°C range with a supply voltage between 6 and 16V.

Range -20 to + 200°C
-20 to +140°C
Supply voltage 6 to 16V
Supply current 17 mA
Output Data 2 bytes per channel

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