Texys 8xPDIF-S - PRO

Dedicated for aerodynamic developments, the 8xPDIF-S is available with pressure ranges from 50 to 1000 mbar and brings high accuracy in a super-compact housing utilizing Scanivalve manifold technology to deliver the 8 signals via a CAN output.

The product is designed with dimensions 89 x 35 x 13 mm. The current product will give 8 differential pressures with a single reference when using the optional Scanivalve manifold.

With a 5 to 16 V supply voltage and Operating temperature -20 to 100°C, the 8xPDIF-S is the perfect solution for embedded testing.

From the beginning, Texys has been working constantly on pressure measurement creating a range of Pitot sensors but also Differential pressure sensors.

The new 8xPDIF-S is a logical step of our expertise in differential pressure measurement.

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