Texys 8xPDIFF-WS - PRO

To complement our range of wireless sensors we have introduced a NEW 8-channel differential pressure sensor. Being able to pair numerous wireless sensors to our generic GenWM tri-band receiver provides our clients the freedom to monitor areas where wired sensors are difficult to package.

Dedicated for aerodynamic developments, the 8xPDIFF-WS is available with pressure ranges from -350 to +350 mbar and brings high accuracy in a super-compact housing.

The product is packaged with dimensions 101 x 36 x 15 mm. Providing 8 differential pressures with a single reference port, or 2 x 4 differential pressures using a twin reference manifold, the tubes are based on the standard Scanivalve interface (TUBN-040-055) for ease of installation.

Powered by an easily replaceable 3.6 V 750 mAh battery and with an operating temperature of 5 to +85°C makes this sensor ideal for embedded testing.

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