After months of development with Indycar teams, Texys is proud to release its new caliper temperature kit suitable for Brembo and AP Racing.

The sensing element is a 100ohm RTD built in a M4 housing with cable output at 90° to allow ease of installation. 
The M4 is directly mounted in the fixation hole of the air duct on the top of the caliper.
Shim washers are also delivered with the probe to adjust clockwise the cable output.

The probe is then amplified by our RTD amplifier (ref APT). The accuracy of 0.1 %FS (from -40 to +125°C) guarantee perfect reading and better responsive time than standard RTD measurement.
The measurement range is from -100 to +270°C to cover the reading in tricky situation.

This part consists of:

1x - PT-100-M4
1x - APT-O VALUE-RANGE (We recommend 100Ohm and temp range of -100 to 270°C)

Range -100 to +270°C
Supply voltage 6 to 30V
Output signal 0 - 5 V
Accuracy 0.1% FS


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